Universal Lab Ovens

Standard Compliance : IEC 60811-509, IEC 80811-508, IEC 60811-502, IS 10810 Part 12, IS 10810 Part 14, IS 10810 Part 19, Other Equivalent Standards.

High temperature universal laboratory ovens are suitably designed for a wide variety of test applications like heat shock, shrinkage, hot deformation, drying and other temperature conditioning tests. These ovens are available as natural convection or forced air convection and convenient options like controlled air changes, touch screen interface and data logging are available as options.

The ovens are fabricated with cold rolling steel, mirror finish and electrostatic spray exterior body. Horizontal air circulation double air duct technology provides excellent temperature uniformity and homogeneity. Available in wide size array from 30 L to 360 L and customized sizes scalable to 1000 L, as standard, each oven is equipped with temperature limiter and solid state relay for safe operation.

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