Ul Oven Type Ii Astm D 5243

Standard Compliance: UL 44, UL 94, UL 1581, UL 2556 and other related standards

Two category of ovens in compliance to ASTM D 5243 Type II Ovens and ASTM D 5374 forced air circulation oven for 100 ? 200 air changes per hour

Method 1: Based on Flow Meter Measurement
The equipment is fitted with rotameter. An external air source is arranged by the customer to provide forced air inside the oven via flow meter fitted with needle valve control.

Method 2: Air Velocity Method

In this method, an air blow with air velocity tunnel equipped with differential air velocity measurement prove is connected to the oven.

Fresh air is admitted by the high capacity blower, controlled by means of damper & measured using differential air velocity sensor for required 100-200 air changes per hour.