Twin Column Tensile Tester

Standard Compliance : ASTM D638, IEC 60811-512, IEC 60811 501, IEC 60811-4-2, IS 694, IS 10810 Part 7, IS 10810 Part 37, UL 44, UL 2556, UL 1581, Other Equivalent Standards.

A versatile and easy to use material tester powered with our newly developed testing software. Excellent rigidity and strength with intuitive controls makes the tester easy to use for novice operators. 

The equipment features dual columns containing twin-ball screws which drive a solid crosshead travel required for conducting high elongation tensile test whilst also delivering strength capability for high-load break tests on rigid materials. Protective bellows guarantee dust and splintered materials cannot be trapped inside the machine. Upper and lower safety limit switches eliminate accidental damage. Range of protective shields/enclosures are available in situations where specimens may shatter or create projectiles upon failure. 

Our range of high resolution loadcells are interchangeable with ‘plug and play’ inserts and is easy to calibrate. The equipment is coupled to high precision long travel extensometer or video extensometer. Wide range of grip, fixtures and inserts ensure samples are held securely during testing. 

Key Highlights: 

  • Test frame 
  • Load cell 
  • Software 
  • Extensometers 
  • Grips and fixtures 


Keywords : Tensile Test, Tensile Tester, Dual Column Tensile Test, Elongation Tester, Compression Test, Copper Elongation.