Toxicity Tester

Specification Compliance: NES 713, NCD 1409

The Chamber has a steel framework for strength and is constructed from fire retardant grade polypropylene with welded seams and a volume of 0.7 cubic meters

The Door, which gives full access to the Chamber for easy cleaning is constructed from clear polycarbonate sheet, backed with laminate for strength and rigidity.

Gas Burner has a spark ignition system which automatically re-ignites should the flame extinguish.

The sampling positions are provided for use with colorimetric Gas Reaction Tubes or Optional specific Gas analysers.

A sampling port with a special pump to use the flow meter and other air controls.

Flow meter console (made in UK) with Methane and Air flow meters and digital temperature indicator

Forced-air extraction system for evacuating the Chamber after a test.

Internally mounted Stirring Fan for rapid mixing of combustion products.

Gas colorimetric tube and dragger pump to be purchased separately