Torsion Test

Standard Compliance : IS 10810 Part 38, Other Equivalent Standards.

Wire torsion tests are a measure of wire ductility, and help to ensure sufficient wire strength to withstand normal loads. Our wire torsion test systems contain one stationary and one moveable grip, with the ability to apply a constant axial load. The axial load ensures that the wire does not bend from the axis of load application or fold over on itself. Axial load is through a deadweight pulley system. The deadweight ensures a constant axial load throughout the test, regardless of wire shortening or elongation due to material deformation

The equipment comprises aluminium frame if suitable test length test bed as per test standard with chuck to firmly clamp the sample. The mechanism is further coupled to an AC motor communicated to touch screen interface to set the reversal speed & digital counter for number of turns. 

 Keywords : Wire Torsion, Cable Torsion, Torsion for GI Wire.