Thermal Endurance Ovens

Standard Compliance : ISO 188 Method A, IEC 60216-4-1, IEC 60811-1-2, BS EN 60216-1, BS EN 60216-2, UL 1581, UL 2556, U: 746B, ASTM D 5423, ASTM D 5374, Other Equivalent Standards.

The forced-convection ventilated electrically heated ovens are used for thermal endurance evaluation of electrical insulation material and other applications. These tests are aimed at measuring the set temperature and temperature variations at planned ageing temperature.
Forced air convection ovens are designed to provide uniform air temperature throughout the chamber

The air flow within the oven is almost laminar at the air inlet, outlet and near the walls of the test oven. The air is specifically turbulent with the center of the chamber. It is equipped with air flower and damper to consistently provide air changes without connecting any external air source to the oven.

The rate of ventilation is calculated using determinations of the average power required to maintain the oven at a given temperature with its ports open and the average power required to maintain the oven at the same temperature with its ports closed. The test is conducted at 100°C and at the maximum temperature at which the oven is used

Alternatively, volumetric method ovens are also available complying to thermal endurance requirements of IEC 60216-2.

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