Split Cutter

Standard Compliance : IEC 60811-501, IEC 60811-507, Other Equivalent Standards 

Cable sample preparation for heat elongation and tensile tests conforming to standards

Especially designed for soft materials, remove thickness of thermoplastic, crossed linked and polyethylene of thickness not exceeding 10 mm

  • Device appropriate to prepare samples as per IEC 60811- 501, 507
  • Adjustable thickness through rotary Knob
  • Repeat successive cutting to reduce to required thickness
  • High precision blade (tungsten steel, specially hardened)
  • Samples are taken from inner side of sheath and isolator
  • All grooves or conductive layers are removed
  • Slice thickness between 0.8 mm to 2.0 mm

*Hard Materials, e.g. PE, XLPE, HDPE or hard rubbers partially possible depending on the sample characteristics.

Keywords :  Slicing Machine, Roller Slicing Machine, Splitting Machine, Cable Slicer, Roller Slicer