Smoke Density Test IEC 61034

Standard Compliance : IEC 61034-1, IEC 61034-2, IEC 61034-2, Other Equivalent Standards.

The Exit Sign Test is designed for the measurement and observation of the smoke-producing characteristic of plastics under controlled conditions of combustion or decomposition according to ASTM D2843-10 but not to be used for measuring any other characteristics of the plastic combustion.
Key Highlights:

  • Combustion Chamber
  • Specimen Holder
  • Ignition System
  • Photometric System
  • SA ASSOCIATES Test Software

Measurement is by means of transmitting a beam of light through the smoke generated by the sample under test to a light measuring receiver. Results obtained are in units of light absorption (%). The light absorption data are acquired by a user-friendly software tool and are plotted versus time.

Keywords :3 meter cube, 27 m Smoke Test, Smoke Density Test for finished cables, Smoke Measurement System, Light Transmission Test, Optical Density Test, CPR Test