Single Vertical Flame Tester

Specification Compliance: IEC 60695-11-2, IEC 60332-1: 2015

Vertical Flame Test BS EN 60331-1-2 is designed to assess the flame?retardant properties on a single cable length.

Test methodology requires a?cable sample of approximately 600mm to be placed vertically between two clamps. A burner flame is then applied for?the duration

After the designated length of time, the flame is removed and the cable should self-extinguish

Fire performance test is performed on a finished cable or the insulated single conductors, meaning all layers of the cable construction are subjected to the burner flame.



Mass Flow Controllers/Conventional Flow Controllers


Control Valves to set the desired flow rates

Copper Block for Calibration

Thermocouple K Type 0.5 mm

Temperature Indicator and Timer

Laboratory Fume Hood/Chamber in Stainless Steel as per dimensions specified in IEC 60332-1:2015