Shore Hardness Testers

Standard Compliance : ASTM D2240, DIN 53505, ISO 868, ISO 7619, Other Equivalent Standards.

International standards have been developed to define the hardness of rubber and plastics, including ASTM D2240, DIN 53505, ISO 868 and ISO 7619. The new Shore Digital Durometers comply with these standards, and attention has been given to making the Shore Digital durometers easy to use, portable and highly accurate 

Both models are hand-held with a large LCD display for easy readout of tests, auto switch off to save power, and a hold button for timed measurements

To test the hardness of a sample, simply push the end with the pin against the sample (preferably supported on a stable surface). The reading is immediately shown on the large, easy to read LCD display. The Shore Durometer can be used in conjunction with a test stand to guarantee greater accuracy. The lever activates the weight until the weight rests upon the presser foot of the Durometer ensuring the correct weight (as specified) is applied during the test process

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