Sandpaper Abrasion

Standard Compliance :  ISO 6722, ISO 19642, JASO D608, JIS C3406, SAE J1127, SAE J1128, Other Equivalent Standards 

The equipment is designed to meet the guidelines specified in ISO 6722/ISO 19642-2. 

A one-meter samples of cable to be tested is prepared. A special sandpaper with conductive stripes at every 75 mm and the test sample are mounted. The pivot arm, bracket and rod are applied with pressure of 0.63 N +/- 0.05 N  on top of the cable and an additional weight depending on the thickness of the cable is further applied. 

The sandpaper is drawn with selectable speed, clockwise 100 mm or 1500 mm/min. When the paper gets in contact with the cable the length of sandpaper is measured and the test sample is move 50 mm, rotated clockwise. This procedure is repeated four times and the mean value of 4 measurements is the test result. 

Keywords :  Abrasion Test, Abrasion resistance test, Automobile Cable Test, Auto Cable Test