Resistance To Fire With Water

Specification Compliance: BS 6387, BS 7846, BS 8491, BS EN 50200, IEC 60331-21, IEC 60331-1/2/3/4 and other International Standards

Test Rig: comprises suitable water tank in compliance to dimensions specified in BS 6387: 2013 wherein the cable is mounted using clips on the sample stand (strip type) designed as pe specification.

500 mm face Burner with Venturi Mixer with Flow Control Console: Analog or Digital as per customer requirement

Water Console & Sprinkler system: The equipment is supplied with a water console equipped with booster pump and flow meter with pressure control and flow control knob levers.

Sprinkler (design as specified in standard) with stand is provided and placed suitable in the water tank at appropriate distance from the cable jig.

A suitable water collection tray is provided to calibrate the amount of water to be collected in the tray as per specification requirements.

FULLY AUTOMATIC 3 Single Phase power supply unit equipped with phase angle firing drive and PLC microprocessor-based control system for applying PHASE TO PHASE voltage Range: 0-1200 V and automatic current adjustment 0-0.30A (up to 300 mA).

Unit is equipped with an Automatic FAULT DETECTION system for:
Short Circuit Detection
Open Circuit Detection

The unit is equipped with appropriate circuit breaker for transformer protection and digital overload relay as specified in test standard.