Ozone Resistance Test

Standard Compliance : ASTM D 470, IEC 60811-403

Ozone testing for cables is a test to determine a rubber or elastomer’s resistance to ozone degradation. The test methodology for IEC 60811-403 requires an Ozone test chamber capable of generating a controlled amount of ozone, a means for circulating ozonized air under controlled conditions of humidity and temperature, and a means for determination of ozone concentration.

For cables and their insulations, specific standards apply, such as the international standard IEC 60811. Special features lie in the longitudinal inflow direction onto the samples and in the turbulent flow through the chamber. The test sample conditioning range for ozone resistance varies in different standards from 200 to 300 ppm measured and verified using Ozone Analyser.

All these conditions are exclusively fulfilled by the SA ASSOCIATES Ozone Chamber fitted with sample clamping arrangement.

Keywords : Ozone Test, Ozone Cable Testing, Ozone Exposure Test, Resistance to Ozone, PPM.