Oxygen Index With Temperature Index

Standard Compliance : ASTM D 2863, ISO 4589-2, IS 10810 Part 58, Other Equivalent Standards.

To determine the minimum percentage of Oxygen required to support flame combustion of a material at Room Temperature in FTA mode or at a Higher Temperature. (Up to 400`C) in HFTA mode.

World?s most widely used, advanced and leading test equipment for Oxygen & Temperature Index Test

Direct readout of Oxygen percentage on an analyser using paramagnetic oxygen sensor at high accuracy of 0.1% resolution.

Double wall Test Column of Flame resistant glass of 75mm dia., suitable for testing different size samples in Flammability Test Apparatus or Heated Flammability Test Apparatus mode.

Test applicable for wide range of materials such as Polymers, Cables, Textiles, Plastics, Rubber, Nylon, Laminates, Paints & Surface Coatings etc., used in Ships, Trains, Aircrafts & Road Electronics, Computers & Tele-communications.

Mass Flow Controllers for precision mixture formulation and % Oxygen Concentration ? Set Point control within seconds!

IPC Based Control System (made in Germany)

Transparent radiant heated test column

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