Melt Flow Index

Standard Compliance : ASTM D 1238, ISO 1133, Other Equivalent Standards.

Equipment covers the determination of the rate of extrusion of molten thermoplastic resins using an extrusion plastometer. After a specified preheating time, resin is extruded through a die with a specified length and orifice diameter under prescribed conditions of temperature, load, and piston position in the barrel.

Melt Flow Index is used to determine the melt flow rate (MFR) of a thermoplastic material. The units of measure are grams of material/10 minutes (g/10 min). It is based on the measurement of the mass of material that extrudes from the die over a given period of time. It is generally used for materials having melt flow rates that fall between 0.15 and 50 g/10 min

Keywords : MFI Tester, MFI, Melt Flow.