Heat Cycle Test

The cable heat cycle system is used to simulate operating current in a cable by inducing current in a test lo or circle. 

The actual rating and design appropriate for a particular application depends
on a number of factors:

  • Conductor type and cross-section
  • Insulation type and thickness
  • Length of cable to be tested
  • Ambient and test temperatures
  • Time allowed to reach test temperature


The equipment is supplied with an intelligent auto controlling 10.1-inch touch screen interface that monitors conductor temperature & armor temperature to set requirements. It is designed with 2 Phase input oi cooled transformer in capacity up to 2000 A or higher as required by the cable manufacturer. Current measurement CT’s are supplied with the equipment and are critical for measurement of current induced to the cable under test. The number of heat & cool cycles can be easily set on the touch panel. Data can be retrieved for the entire cycles.