Halogen Acid Gas Test Apparatus

Specification Compliance: IS 10810 Part 59, IEC 60754-1, IEC 60754-2

Test requires 1g (with a tolerance of +/- 0.005g) of insulation material to be placed in a combustion boat inside a tube furnace which is then heated to 800 Deg. C or 950 Deg. C depending on standard requirement

High Temperature test furnace for testing single specimen or three specimen (multi zone)

Main furnace tube made of quartz to withstand high temperature for multiple tests

Digital PID Controller with ramp and soak facility to attain desired temperature in required time interval

Gas collection bottles as per dimensions specified in IEC, IS and BS standards

Magneti stirrer with speed control for gas collection bottle

Silicone Pipes for connections between bottles and furnace tube

Combustion Boat as per standard dimensions

Clamps and springs for inter-connection

Touch Screen PH and Conductivity Meter with PH electrode and Conductivity Electrode