Flexing Test

Standard Compliance : BS EN 50396, BS 6500, IS 10810 Part 57, Other Equivalent Standards 

Flexing Test Apparatus has a carrier supporting two pulleys arranged so that the cable is horizontal between them. The pulleys have a semi-circular shaped groove for circular cables and flat groove for flat cables. The carrier makes backward and forward movement over 1 meter at an approximately constant speed of 0.33m/s

The mass of the weight for loading the end of the test specimen and the diameter of the pulleys are designed to meet the requirements of the specification. 

Load Transformers are designed to meet the requirements of the relevant specification. Since current loadings may differ with standards, full range from 0-33 A is available and selectable as per test requirements:


Keywords : Flex test, Two Pulley Flex, Mechanical Test for Flexible cables, Cable flexibility test