Flammability Tester IEC 60332-1

Standard Compliance : IEC 60332-1, IEC 60695-11-2.

The vertical flame test is designed to assess the flame-retardant properties of a single cable length. This vertical flame test for fire propagation requires a cable sample of approximately 600 mm to be placed vertically between two clamps. A burner in compliance to specification is then applied for the duration specified in the test standard. 

The equipment comprises three-sided stainless steel metallic enclosure, cable support, specially designed burner inclined to an angle of 45 Deg C fed with digital mass flow controller for air and propane. The flame calibration kit is provided which includes 0.5 mm thermocouple, sensor support, copper block, microprocessor based digital timer to read the temperature of copper block from 100 to 700 Deg. C in 45 s.  

Keywords : Flame Test, Single Vertical Flame Test, Flame Chamber, Flammability Test.