Flammability Test UL FT4

Standard Compliance : IEEE 383, IEEE 1202, FT4 UL 2556, UL 2581, Other Equivalent Standards 

Cables are mounted on a vertical tray and exposed for 20 minutes to a 70,000 BTU/hour flame. This test is the same as the IEEE 1202 flame test and both are found in the UL 1685 document. Because of the reduced char height requirements, the FT4 and IEEE 1202 tests are slightly more difficult to pass than the UL 1685 vertical tray version. 

Finished wires or cables shall not exhibit charred material beyond a length exceeding 1.5 m (5 ft.) from the lower edge of the burner face when subjected to the test

Key Highlights: 

  • Brick room 
  • 70,000 BTU/Hour Burner 
  • Burner stand @ 20 Deg.
  • Cable Tray & Stand 
  • Flow Meter console  
  • Exhaust Fan with Velocity Control 
  • Bi-directional Probe 
  • Exhaust Ducting 
  • Smoke Density Measurement System 
  • Test Software 


Keywords: FT4 Flame Test, Vertical Tray Flame Test, UL Flame Test.