EYE VISION – Automatic Cable Dimensional Measurement System

Standard Compliance :  IEC 60811-1-1, IEC 60811-202, IEC 60811-203, IEC 50396, ICEA S-94-649,LV 112, SAE J1128, IS 7098-3, IEC 60840, IS 10810, IEC 62067, Other Equivalent Standards 

The new EYEVISION has been especially designed for cross-sectional measurements of cable samples – geometrical measurement of insulating skins and cable sheaths. It captures high-resolution live images of cable samples with a diameter of up to 150 mm (5.90”).

The highly flexible and versatile software evaluates these images for precision measurement and generates report useful to set up extruders efficiently and stay within the given tolerance of the production standards.


  • Quick and Easy Measurement (One click)
  • Compact Design for Laboratory use
  • Auto Focus
  • Tele-centric light and lens system
  • One or Two camera depending on configuration
  • Excellent accuracy and repeatability
  • Measure Multi-Layer Cable Samples
  • XLPE Measurement Module
  • Color Percentage Measurement Module
  • Eye Vision Test Software
  • Touch Screen Interface
  • Batch testing and reporting as per standard


Keywords : Cable Dimensional Measurement, Eye Vision System, Cable Measurement, Automatic Cable Measurement, Insulation, thickness measurement