Elongation Tester

Standard Compliance : IS 10810 Part 1, Other Equivalent Standards.

Covers method for determining the elongation properties of annealed copper aluminium wires for welding cables and solid conductors used in electric cables.
As the conductor of a cable is subjected to twisting and bending, it is necessary that it should be flexible enough to take any desired bend without breaking. This test takes into consideration the extent of work hardening which may be caused during the stranding and laying up process.
After the specimen is fixed between grips of the machine, elongation stress is applied gradually and uniformly that means the gap between the pneumatic grips is increased gradually and uniformly till the specimen conductor gets fractured.

The rate of elongation of specimen i.e. rate of increase of gap between grips of the machine should not be < 100 mm/min.

Keywords:  Conductor Elongation Tester.