Dynamic Penetration

Standard Compliance : IEC 62930, Other Equivalent Standards.

One of the most common means for damage to a wire/cable on an aircraft is when the wire/cable is crushed. This may happen by a misaligned LRU, accidental contact by maintenance, or any other way that a wire/cable may be pinched when in-service. A wire/cable’s ability to withstand compression damage, particularly at elevated temperatures, will likely correspond to fewer physical damage-related issues.
The dynamic cut-through test is designed to assess the cut-through force of a wire/cable specimen. The wire/cable specimen is compressed under the fine edge of a jig until contact is made between the wire/cable conductor and the test jig. The pass/fail criteria for this test is based on the wire/cable’s specification
24VDC detection circuit that senses the contact between the cutting edge and the metallic conductor. Load can be incremented at 1 N/s or 5 mm/min as per specification requirement

Keywords : Penetration test, Dynamic Penetration, Cable Penetration.