Durability of Ink Testing

Standard Compliance : UL 1581, UL 2556, Other Equivalent Standards.

The equipment comprises an aluminium structured traverse unit with two test stations. One is to test the durability of ink on cable surfaces by abrading the surface using a wool felt under specified load. The surface is constantly abraded at 6 to 12 cycles per min on a length of 100 mm of the 750 mm cable sample. 

The second station comprises steel needle abrasion (1 mm edge) to abrade the surface of cables until the needle and conductor come in contact to stop the abrading cycles. For this purpose a low voltage 24 V is applied between the cable and abrading blade. The abrading length can be set from 10 to 40 mm and an abrading speed of 55 +/- 5 cycles per min is applied to test the abrasive strength of cable surface. 

The equipment is operated using a touch screen interface. The operator can select the desired test method (one at a time). 

Keywords : Durability Tester, Ink Printing Test on cables, Abrasion Resistance.