Digital Profile Projector

Standard Compliance : IEC 60811-1-1, IEC 60811-202, IEC 60811-203, IEC 50396, ICEA S-94-649, LV 112, SAE J1128,Other Equivalent Standards 

A great solution for precision engineers, Digital profile projector gives you the reliability and high accuracy of an optical measuring microscope – plus the practicality and repeatability of digital video measurement – in one robust system.

SA Associates Digital Profile Projector is equipped with a precision measurement stage with coarse and fine movement controls, and higher magnification objectives for accurately measuring extremely small features.

The telecentric optics and illumination creates a sharp flat image across the full field of view to enable superior video edge detection capability for accurate measurement and inspection

Key Highlights:

  • Large field of view for fast throughput
  • Measure larger objects with a movable stage
  • Sharp, flat image for improved edge detection
  • A video measurement system that is easy to use


Keywords :  Cable Dimensional Measurement, Eye Vision System, Cable Measurement, Automatic Cable Measurement, Insulation thickness measurement