Cold Elongation Test

Specification Compliance: IEC 60811- 505, Other Equivalent Standards.

  • Conducted to meet the requirements of BS EN 60811-505.
  • Test performed on the insulation and sheathing materials of electrical cables and fiber optic cables with a diameter in excess of 12.5mm
  • From the prepared sample of cable insulation (thickness between 0.6mm and 2mm) and which has been conditioned at ambient room temperature, 2 dumb-bell shaped test samples are punched vertically in the material.
  • Test samples are then placed in a pre-cooled cooling chamber fixed to the tensile and elongation apparatus with pneumatic grips at the top and bottom, leaving 30mm of sample between them. They are then left to condition for 2 hours.
  • Once conditioned, the clamps then pull in opposite directions at required speed, elongating the test samples until the point of break.
  • Instrument comprises tensile test machines, coupled to a cold chamber and operated using a test software.
  • Elongation test up to minus 40 degree Celsius


Keywords : Low Temperature Elongation Tester, Cold Elongation, Low Temperature Test, Tensile Test at low Temperature