Cell Ageing Ovens

Standard Compliance : ISO 188 Method A, IEC 60811-501, IEC 60811-1-2, IEC 60216-4-3, IS 10810 Part 10 & 11, Other Equivalent Standards.

Cell ovens are available in 4, 6 or 8 cell configurations, each with individual temperature control & air exchange rate of 3-20 air changes per hour. This air oven method of ageing exposes test sample to elevated air temperatures allowing its physical properties such as tensile strength, to be measured and compared with those of an unaged sample. Cells are constructed of solid aluminum block of 300 mm height & 100 mm in diameter.

The latest generation offers a touch screen interface with settable parameters such as temperature, air exchange rate using digital flow sensors, timer & data logging for precision ageing of samples under controlled conditions. The air exchange rate can be directly set in ‘air changes per hour’ and displayed on screen.

The ovens are compliant to ISO 188 method A, IEC 60811-1-2, IEC 60216-4-3, and other equivalent standards for temperatures up to 200 Deg. C.

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