Bunched Cable Test – CPR EN 50399

Standard Compliance : IEC 60332-3-10, BS EN 50399 – 2022, Other Equivalent Standards.

In a chamber, the cable is exposed to a burning time of 20 min. The cables (number depending on the cable diameter) are mounted on a ladder in a vertical tube furnace and a flame is applied to them using a ribbon-type propane gas burner with Venturi Mixer (20.5 kW/30 kW). The ignition point is adopted to evaluate the combustion behaviour and combustion performance of the cable .

During this time, the flame spread and the burning droplets/ particles are observed. At the
end of the test, the length of the fire damage is measured.
The flue gases emitted during combustion are collected under a defined air flow and transferred into an exhaust air duct. There, the speed of the air flow, the O2 and CO2 content, the light absorption and the temperature are measured. From these data, the emitted fire effect and the smoke formation are calculated. 

Key Measurements: 

  • Heat Release Rate 
  • Total Heat Release 
  • Flame Spread 
  • Flame Propagation Index 
  • FIGRA 
  • Smoke Production Rate 
  • Total Smoke Production Rate 
  • Density of Smoke 
  • Droplet Count 
  • Burning Growth Index
  • Gas Analysis – CO, CO2 and O2 


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