AC High Voltage Test – Short Duration & Long Duration

Our AC HV test equipment is air cooled or oil cooled transformer system depending on the capacity of kV & current. It is designed with control panel interface with digital voltage and current readout. Manual and motorized operation are available as per customer requirement. There are options such as rate of rise (V/s) and multiple tripping circuits in mA which can be opted by the user as per specification requirements.

The instrument is designed to operate short & long duty cycles i.e. 15 mins or 4 Hours.

The standard ranges for Long duration tests are as follows :

  • 0-120 kV @ 100 mA
  • 0-150 kV @ 100 mA
  • 0-200 kV @ 100 mA


The standard ranges for Short duration tests are as follows :

  • 5/10 kV @ 10 kVA
  • 5/10 kV @ 22 KVA