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Originally established in 1981 with an outlook to manufacture instruments for analytical and industrial application in a vast spectrum of Industries, SA Associates expanded its manufacturing process to innovate, design and develop instruments specific to the cable, textile, plastics and cement industry. S.A Associates has developed complete range of testing equipment primarily in the field of cable testing in accordance to various national and international specifications thereby providing a one stop solution for all your testing requirements.

Cutting edge design, our own research and development laboratories & prototype developments since the very beginning have been radical to the growth of our brand “SA” and instrumental in diversifying our export operations worldwide since 1992.

Our core competence in the field of fire and mechanical test instruments for fire retardant and fire resistance , smoke measurement systems, furnaces, burners, laboratory test instruments, low temperature cabinets, innovative mass flow technology and gas flow solutions confirm to relevant standards delivering compliance to emphasized material quality checks and certifications.

Most advanced production line assembly, automated systems in manufacturing process & stringent quality control systems ensure that our end product delivers performance, durability and ease in operation. Our flexible approach to production, readiness to listen to and satisfy our customer requirements, after sale services available at all times and our extreme attention to quality has manifested in our brand name “SA”


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