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Originally established in 1981 with an outlook to manufacture instruments for analytical and industrial application in a vast spectrum of Industries, SA Associates expanded its manufacturing process to innovate, design and develop instruments specific to the cable, textile, plastics and cement industry. S.A Associates has developed complete range of testing equipments primarily in the field of cable testing in accordance to various national and international specifications thereby providing…

Product Highlights

Low Temperature Test Chamber

Circuit Integrity test

Cell Ageing Ovens

Hot Set Test

Smoke Density Test Astm D2843

Oxygen Index With Temperature Index


Manufacturing test instruments for assessing fire performance, mechanical strength, resistance and chemical durability of cables.

Polymers and Plastics

Covering various pre and post manufacturing tests for on raw material and finished products.

Research and Test Laboratory

Setting up testing laboratories to conduct test with the compliant equipment and test standard.

IEC, BS and UL Standards

Test instruments fully compliant to IEC BS and UL test standards.

IS (Indian Standard)

Complete laboratory solution as per IS 694, IS 7098, IS 1554 and other Indian test standards.

Other International Standards

Customized instruments for ASTM, JIS, NCD, AS/NZS test standards.

Engineering Expertise

Trusted brand in manufacturing standard compliant test instruments with excellent reliability and performance

Worldwide Presence

Exporting instruments to over 60 + countries worldwide & continuing to expand our customer base

Quality Assurance

Delivering test instruments with latest technology and innovation

New and existing instrumentation users are welcome to our facility for technical discussion, training and industrial advise on existing and newly introduced test standards

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